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166.231 Bioinformatik Uebungen: Laboruebung 4.0h
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"On 26 June 2000, the completion of the draft sequence of the Human Genome saw the sciences of biology and medicine changed forever. It promised new insights into how our genes shape who we are, and how we function. At the heart of this breakthrough lies a scientific discipline that is now one of the most important knowledge-building tools in current molecular and cellular biology, and healthcare development: bioinformatics."

A.M.Lesk, 2006

Description of the lab:

The ABLab (Applied Bioinformatics Lab) has been developed to train students in browsing, retrieving and analysing sequence data. It should bring an understanding how this information can be located, organized and stored. For this purpose every student should perform several tasks, some of them are common for all participants while others are individual. The best result may be achieved by working independently on a student's own PC (or a PC provided by ABLab) with subsequent discussions of intermediate results in class.

All tasks (exercises, research and the glossary) should be completed using interactive forms of this website. NO additional reports should be submitted to the advisor. The body text of each answer may be illustrated by 1 or 2 figures. When needed additional files may be uploaded via respective interactive tools. Advisor will check all student contributions online and provide comments. Students are prompted to ask questions personally during class work or using ABLab feedback board.

ABLab is designed for individual work, no groups of students will be formed.

The lab is designed for 18 participants. PhD students are welcome to take the course based on individual program.

ABLab has been designed and developed by Dr. Irina Druzhinina, the websupport is provided by Mag. Alexey Kopchinskiy.

Individual tasks: bioinformatic glossary and the research

Common tasks:  exercises

To see the list of exercises and individual tasks you have to register and login

The mission of ABLab is completed when all glossary terms are inserted, research topic is filled and all exercises are done successfully.

Schedule for ABLab 8:  WS2013/2014


December 2013:

  • Wednesday, December 18th; 16:30 Introduction to the course

January 2014:

  • Friday, January 10th, 12.00-14.30 Lecture and discussion
  • Wednesday, January 15th, 12.00-14.30 Lecture and discussion
  • Friday, January 17th, 12.00 - 13.00 Lecture
  • Monday, January 20th, 12.00 - 13.00  Discussion of the new exercise of genome annotation
  • Thursday, January 23rd, 12.00 - 14.30 Discussion, on demand
  • Monday, January 27td, 12:00 - 18:00 Seminar MUST ATTEND
  • Tuesday, January 28th, 12:00 - 16:00 Seminar MUST ATTEND
  • Wednesday, January 29th, 12:00 - 14:30 pattern of protein-DNA interactions MUST ATTEND

After the lab:

  • Individual discussion with every participant to be fixed after the completion of all exercises. Dates in February are possible.

Importand deadlines WS2013/2014

  • Protein phylogeny exercise should be completed by January 15th 2014
  • All other exercises should be mainly completed by January 28th 2014
  • The lab should be completed by March 1st, 2014

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